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Young Warriors (8-14years)

Young Warriors (8-14years)


Young Warriors builds upon the skills developed in Little Dragons while incorporating STRENGTH, SELF-CONFIDENCE, GOOD CHARACTER and POSITIVE ROLE MODELS.

Young Warriors is UMF Academy’s exclusive and specialised Wing Chun Kung Fu program for children aged 8-14 years. More than any other activity, martial arts and Wing Chun Kung Fu gives your child the chance to explore their innate power. You will marvel as they increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony.

However, this will only be the start. Physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of value skills, mental and social intelligence. At UMF Academy they will be joining a long term, supportive, character-building environment.

Emilio Cardenas leads our Young Warriors program.

Our Young Warriors are encouraged to be their best and to strive to achieve beyond their own self-imposed limitations.

As a Young Warrior, your child will learn about the five powers:

  • Strength
  • Self-confidence
  • Good character
  • Positive role models
  • Being part of a team

The practice of martial arts often gives the individual the self-esteem, confidence and ability to walk away from conflict. At UMF Academy we promote non-violent resolutions to interpersonal conflict. We can help your child explore and understand interpersonal conflict through role-play and other class exercises.

UMF Academy understands the challenges facing kids in their tween and teen years – negative peer pressure, bullying, lack of exercise, and low motivation. We address all this at our classes in both direct and indirect ways. The Young Warriors program is during a critical part of your child’s development, and provides a positive environment when they are challenged to be their best and to strive to achieve beyond their own self-imposed limitations. This is incredibly important in these years.

Research has shown when our children are in transition times, like when they move schools, they are more vulnerable to bullying and potentially to negative social interactions. There is data to back up many parents fears when their children move from primary to high school, and change into a new and unfamiliar environments that this negative social feedback can make an entry into their life. This is when the development of strong character traits and their ability to manage complicated or confusing social situations, plus their ability to positively assert themselves and to believe that they are worthwhile, are important to how they both interpret and manage peer and teacher, student relationships.

We don’t have to accept bullying, we can equip our children to understand and resolve conflicts non-violently through a special program that combines the disciplines of education, psychology and martial arts.

Know the difference between Self-defence and Combat Sports, ignorance is NO EXCUSE, stay on the right side of the law.

Responsible self-defence is knowing Reasonable, Justifiable, and Proportionate force. Important to stop a threat.

You need to explain why you had no choice/options when faced with a threat who demonstrated all the following:

  1. Intent (stated or evident goal of harming you)
  2. Capability (has the prowess or tools to harm you)
  3. Opportunity (proximity)
  4. No preclusion (escape was not available to you)

Feel at your wit's end with your child's behavior?

Do you want your child to have:

  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Control of their emotions.
  • Time management,
  • Organizational skills, and
  • Sound decision making.


  • Uncontrolled outbursts,
  • Aggressive behaviour,
  • Defiance,
  • Challenges with focusing attention,
  • Completing tasks, and
  • Adapting to new situations.

Wing Chun Kung Fu forms the basis and the Industry’s #1 Character Development is the delivery system. With UMF’s support and intervention, these behaviors can be improved over time, so they don’t persist into adulthood.

Parents, you are not alone.

Behaviours are not entirely a reflection of parenting skills, rather a sign that your child requires extra support to develop their functioning skills. UMF Academy supports parents 100%.

Children are not born with decision-making skills – they are born with the potential to develop them. Children struggling in this area, only need help to get there.

Why is this important?

Act NOW to help our children, if not we’ll experience a generation without the ability to control their behavior or have awareness of their actions.

Your Child’s Behaviour Is Not Permanent!

Functioning skills can be developed and improved over time with intentional training and support. Children thrive on structure and boundaries.

Parents who understand and support the development of these skills can effectively change the path of their child’s growth and success.

✔️ Improved Self-control & Social Skills

✔️ Increased Focus

✔️ Improved organizational & planning Skills

✔️ Self-Awareness

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The Instructors

Emilio Cardenas

Emilio Cardenas

Emilio Cardenas, Pablo’s son, has grown up living and breathing martial arts at UMF Academy. He has dedicated himself to his art, spending many hours per week training and assisting his father with his teaching.

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UMF is Townsville’s only licenced provider of the industry’s #1 Character Development System, making it #1 in Childrens Programs.
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You can trial one of our many classes, book yours today

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