Wing Chun and the Five Kung Fu Masters

The ONLY Kung Fu Children’s Book to tell the story of the origins and history of Wing Chun Kung Fu


From UMF Academy

$21.00 (soft cover)

With the help of a kung fu master, a beautiful girl from a small village defeats a warlord and founds a martial art fighting style that trains generations of masters.

About the Book

This book tells the story of the history and origins of Wing-Chun Kung-Fu and highlights important people and events that contributed to the development of the martial art. It combines fact, fiction, and legend and shows the family tree of the art.


The worldwide spread of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu is testament to its adaptability. It is able to transcend age, gender, size, ability and disability, all with the mindset of improving mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This book embodies the legendary history of the origins of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and brings this to life for new audiences through its impressive illustrations.
Sifu Pablo Cardenas
United Martial Arts Fitness


This book is a historical narrative of the lineage of Wing Chun Kung Fu. This lineage continues to the present day. The foreword endorsement is by Sifu Pablo Cardenas, student of Grandmaster William Cheung – friend of Bruce Lee and student of Grandmaster Ip Man – to whom the book is dedicated.

Why YOU should Purchase a Copy?

This book is an excellent accompaniment for the Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner as it simply and graphically tells the historical narrative and provides the names of important historical figures in the history of the art.

The genre is historical fiction and the audience is aimed at children’s reading age of 7 years plus. Adult students will also benefit from this easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated guide. A great book for Parents to read to their children! It is complementary to the UMF Student Handbook.
In line with UMF principles, this book covers themes of anti-bullying and female empowerment. Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique in martial arts in that it was founded by woman.

By purchasing this book, you will also be supporting a local Author and Illustrator and the Academy. Author and/or Sifu autographed copies available upon request.

This book would also make a great gift and assist in spreading the knowledge of the history of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

About the Author

Michael Sheridan is a qualified High School Teacher, experienced Scientist and Public Health professional. He has researched and published articles including for Australian and international journals. In addition, appeared on TV, radio and in print media. Michael is student to Sifu Cardenas.

About the Illustrator

Andrew Sorohan is an accomplished local Australian artist and cartoonist, specialising in super-hero designs. The artist has researched regional Chinese history to ensure artwork in this book is historically accurate.

Publisher Ocean Reeve Publishing (2021)
Story by Michael Sheridan
Illustrations by Andrew Sorohan
Edited by Helena Bond
Foreword by Sifu Pablo Cardenas