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Private Tuition

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Private Tuition

Make it Personal and Receive More out of your training.

Private classes are available by appointment throughout the week. They provide a more focused environment for those that would like a more concerted effort.

These classes are a perfect for students who attend regular classes to enhance their training or for those who are time poor that can learn despite the restrictions of their timetable.

What can you expect from our Personal Training Sessions?

Our Personal Training sessions are customized to an individuals needs. Instructors will work with you on a sit-down consultation to assess the objectives you are looking to achieve. We will develop a individualized training program.

Private Tuition (one on one) is an effective and efficient training method to learn:
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • SE Krav Maga and
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing.

We can facilitate a time that suits you.

Direct one on one classes that will accelerate your training to a new level.

  • Personal One on One
  • Train with a Friend
  • Small Group Class

With Sihing Emilio Cardenas or Sifu Pablo Cardenas
Private tuition: $80 per 30 minutes
Private tuition 3-month commitment Life Style packages are available $50 per 30 minutes

Please book a trail class in the interested program so we can meet and greet you to develop a good rapport before delivering private tuition.

Ask about Group (2 – 4 pers) Private tuition classes

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You can trial one of our many classes, book yours today

You can trial one of our many classes, book yours today

The best way to see if any of our classes are for you, is to experience it first-hand. See our Academy, meet our instructors and emerge yourself in the UMF culture.

To register for your trial class simply check the class schedule, then click the link below to fill in the registration form.

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