Here are just some of the things our members have said about our Academy.

Adrienne Brooks
5 Stars

My son has learnt discipline, focus and how to take instructions and give 100% in his Little Dragon classes. His progress has been amazing big thank you to Pablo and Emilio for their amazing instruction, Powerful Words and Bully Buster program. I feel confident that my son is school ready, and able to handle any challenges he comes across.

Diana Bourne
There is no ego at this academy

My son has been a member of the academy for 3 years. I was concerned about his spikes of aggression and quick temper, so I wanted to find a place where he could channel that energy and learn to control it. The training he has received doing Wing Chun at United Martial Arts Academy has helped him to control his aggression, stand up to bully's, walk away from trouble and remain calm in confronting situations among other children. He has received praise notes from school for doing this. There is no ego at this academy. The kids learn very quickly that if you train hard, you will reap the benefits. You only compete with yourself. You don't only learn the art of wing chun, you learn self respect and self discipline in an inclusive, patient, no-ego environment.

Zoe Rogue
Community of Quality Role Models

My family have been in the Academy since 2011. As a parent of a child with a conduct disorder, the principles of the Academy have been essential for the development of my child. Teaching resilience, determination, self worth, discipline outside of the home, effort and consistency are rewarded, not attendance. The Academy is a community of quality role models, essential for children in this day and age.

Suzi Burnett McKnight
Very Accommodating and Friendly

Cannot rate Pablo and his son Emilio high enough. Very accommodating and friendly. Kids love Wing Chun and I love cage fitness.

Susan Fay
Love it for its Character Building

My family has been with United Martial Arts and Fitness (previously known as Wing Chun Kung Fu) for 7 years. We absolutely love it for its character building and the children's program that they run. Pablo and Emilio are fantastic instructors for both children and adults.

Emma Tommasini
Highly Recommended

My sons behaviour and attitude has improved at home and school with just a few months of Little Dragons Classes. Pablo and Emilio have been great to get him physically active, learning age appropriate self defence, discipline and focus. Highly recommended.

Sarah Gaffney
Wonderful Place and Lovely People

Absolutely wonderful place and lovely people. My son has learnt a great deal in the short time being with Pablo, from new little skills to respect.
Thanks guys.

Michelle Ram
The Best There is Out There

I was with the NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy for a couple of years. My circumstances changed and I could no longer afford to go, but I recommend this to everyone who loves Martial Arts. It's the best there is out there. Also being a part of this club made me wiser and my skin a lot thicker, because you learn things about the art, the world around you, and yourself, that you would never have known before.

Keva Pennisi
Thank You Sifu Pablo and Emilio

My son before joining UMF was very active but lacked self discipline and focus. Since training with the Little Dragons for the past 18 months, he has achieved so much in his classes, in school and at home. I believe his accomplishes have been a result of the excellent teachings and patience from Sifu Pablo and Emilio. Emilio is a great role model for the younger kids and the atmosphere is always family friendly. Thank you Sifu Pablo and Emilio.

Adrienne Brooks
Big Thank You to Pablo and Emilio

My son has learnt discipline, focus and how to take instructions and give 100% in his Little Dragon classes. His progress has been amazing big thank you to Pablo and Emilio for their amazing instruction, Powerful Words and Bully Buster program. I feel confident that my son is school ready, and able to handle any challenges he comes across.

Pam Monaghan
All Levels of Fitness Catered For

UMF is a brilliant and friendly space that can cater to all of your fitness needs. All levels of fitness catered for.

Jai Jamieson
Train With These Guys

If you're visiting or live in Townsville, train with these guys. You're better off training with someone like this rather than someone else with little to no real world experience.

Shelley Day Muscat
Free Women’s Self Defence

Free women’s self defence, just register online and attend. It’s that easy! Definitely worth going to, good trainers, realistic self defence and at no cost! Good on you UMF for providing this service to our Townsville community.

Aaron Moon

Excellent!!! The training, the brotherhood and sisterhood and the different principles/disciplines on offer to cater for all! Also great fitness programmes/class too!!!

Jarvis Paech
The determination of staff and other members that make this Academy # 1

I was new to Townsville in early 2017 and I wanted to learn Wing Chun, it was only because of the UMF Academy that I am able to do so. I now train in Thump Boxing, Wing Chun and BJJ because of the drive to excel myself by Sifu Pablo, Emilio and fellow training partners. I must say it is never easy but it is the determination of staff and other members that make this Academy # 1

Benny Rogue
I Highly Recommend This Academy to Anyone

My son has been training at the academy since the age of 6 (a total of approximately 7 years), and has progressed through Lil Dragons, Young Warriors and now attends the adult classes. I chose this academy over others due to their approach to progression through the ranks (being that each student progresses as they earn it, and must maintain the standard thereafter). Due to my son's challenges in life I wanted an academy that would encourage discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle and I have found this and more in UMF. Both Emilio and Pablo, along with numerous students, have become respected role models for my son over the years. In the years since he began attending the academy, he has successfully defended himself from a knife attack, stopped other children from being bullied at school, and stopped other children from bullying him. He has also learned self respect and respect for others, including family and teachers. I highly recommend this academy to anyone.

Que Pawape
Deciding to Train With UMF is One of the Best Decisions I Have Made

Deciding to train and learn Wing Chun Kung Fun with UMF is one of the best decisions I have made. It had been almost a year now and I am so happy with the noticeable mental and physical strength and confidence that I have developed as a result of training. This has helped me overcome a lot of my personal struggles. Thank you so much to Sifu Pablo, Emilio and all my Sihings and Sidis. I look forward to continuing with my training at UMF.

Alexander-Edward Tonks
Pablo and Emilio are Great Instructors and Great Friends

I have been at the UMF for over 3 years now and it was one of the best decisions I've made. My fitness has improved greatly and I have learned many useful techniques in WIng Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thump Boxing. More importantly, being here has greatly improved my self-confidence and my mindset. Pablo and Emilio are great instructors and great friends. I am very thankful for everything they've taught me and for their friendship.

Alec Doherty
Improved Mindset and Awareness

I've been attending UMF Academy for a little under a year now, specifically their Street Edge Krav Maga classes. Since joining I have not only learned valuable techniques and knowledge about the physical side of self defence, but I have also been able to improve my mindset and awareness in the mental side of self defence which has proved useful and effective in my line of work a security guard.

Tammy Buttigieg
Professional and Well Structured Programs

I highly recommend UMF Academy to teach discipline, respect and team work to anyone, but especially children. Sifu Pablo and Emilio for many years have made a huge impact on my son and I appreciate the friendship and support that is central to being a part of this team. As a primary school teacher, I praise Pablo and the instructors at UMF for running professional and well-structured programs. The individual and our community as a whole benefit from being a part of the UMF Academy.

Eva Richards
Great Place to Learn and Train

Great place to learn & train, instructors and fellow students very accepting and patient, make you feel part of the Martial Arts Family. An excellent resource to build self confidence, co-ordination and drastically improve fitness!!

Mi Kyoung Kim
Build Resilience for All Aspects of Life

My daughters go to boxing class once a week. They said it is fun and good for training their muscle strength. One of them has been doing ballet and and contemporary dance . She said boxing training helped her grow resilience and fitness for the dancing.

Kyla Neil
Learn Awareness, Mindset and Skills for Everyday

Throughout the last year of attending the SE Krav Maga program I have learnt so much, not only about practical self defence but also the awareness, mindset, and skills for the everyday that go with it. I have really appreciated the teaching and encouragement here, and definitely recommend.

Belinda Campbell
I Cannot Recommend This Training Academy Enough

Professional, helpful friendly team who make you feel welcome in a comfortable environment. They are great with all ages. I can not recommend this training academy enough.

Ali A Active
Personal Trainer
We Learnt So Much!

We learnt so much, how to defend without striking, how to get out of physical resistance, how to use our shouty voice better, how to handle potential risks and so much more! And we had fun!

Definitely worth it for any women wanting to learn how to defend themselves in an attack.

I highly recommend Pablo & Emilio from UMF Academy.