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Learn the art Bruce Lee trained in

Wing Chun is an extremely practical self-defence system, it is

Wing Chun is the ONLY martial art in the world developed by a woman. Based on science, economy of motion and proper body mechanics. It is able to transcend all limitations and barriers. Qualities of youth are not necessary to achieve skill and effectiveness in the Art of Wing Chun. A self-defence system designed to suit EVERYONE.

Wing Chun Kung Fu was trained and popularized by Bruce Lee, Sifu Pablo Cardenas was trained and qualified by Bruce Lee’s friend/teacher and mentor, Grandmaster William Cheung

Why is Wing Chun one of the most effective martial art in the world?

True effectiveness of a martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers i.e.

Wing Chun is a NO NONSENSE method of survival based on science and proper body mechanics.

“Learn and Train what other’s Don’t teach”

We teach you the six most important lessons of martial arts:

  1. Relaxed body = Relaxed mind
  2. Cultivating desire to win from the heart
  3. Visual acuity
  4. Balance and speed
  5. Effort and energy
  6. No ego – Only Dedication

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UMF Sifu Pablo


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The ONLY Kung Fu Children’s Book to tell the story
of the origins and history of Wing Chun Kung Fu


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