Sifu Pablo Cardenas

Pablo has been serving the community of Townsville since 2005, offering Wing Chun Kung Fu training with a lineage back to Grand Master William Cheung, lifelong friend and mentor to Wing Chun legend, Bruce Lee.

Sifu Pablo was present in the Henan Province of China November 9th 2013 when the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu was returned to its birthplace within the Shaolin Temple.  Grand Master William Cheung met with the Abbot Shi Yongxin to officiate the prestigious return of Wing Chun with the celebratory unveiling of a black marble plaque placed within the temple courtyard.

Pablo is the owner and principal instructor of UMF Academy, formerly NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.  Pablo has trained in martial arts since he was 14.  He began his training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu under Grandmaster William Cheung.  In 1984, Pablo enlisted in the Australian Regular Army.  In his 21 years of service he was selected for an exchange program with the UK Ministry of Defence and was deployed to East Timor as part of the UN peacekeeping task-force.  Pablo has trained with numerous military units around the world, including the US Army, US Marine Corps and the Gurkhas.  Pablo remains active in the Australian Army as a reservist and is at UMF Academy instructing full-time.

As a professional martial arts instructor, Pablo has obtained many qualifications to provide a richer student experience.  These are not limited to technical and training courses, and include community service.  Pablo’s qualifications include:


Emilio Cardenas

Emilio Cardenas, Pablo’s son, has grown up living and breathing martial arts at UMF Academy.  He has dedicated himself to his art, spending many hours per week training and assisting his father with his teaching.

Emilio has a natural gift in being able to relate well to his students and bring out the best in those he works with.  His students trust and respect him and his easy-going natural flow and depth of knowledge allows him to instruct in both a friendly and effective manner which is great for children and adults alike.

Emilio’s qualifications include:

  • Level 7 Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Level 1 Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training
  • Level 2 Advanced Concepts in Kettlebell Training
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt
  • Community coaching – General Principal AIS
  • Certificate III in Sports and Recreation
  • Level 1 Boxing Coach Queensland
  • AMACS’ Martial Arts Certified Instructor
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach

Emilio has trained with numerous remarkably qualified instructors such as:


  • Fari Salievski – Hapkido
    Combatives & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
    2017 No 1 Rated coach Asia, Took Martin Nguyen to history making 2 division World Champion, Took Theo Christakos to 3 time Australian Champion, Brian Ebersole MMA champion & former UFC fighter
  • Colin Crosby – has trained fighters at State and National and international level
  • Paul Johnston – Street Edge Krav Maga. During 23 years of military and law enforcement he has had assignments in Counter Terrorism Intelligence, Protective Security Intelligence for the Australian Prime Minister, Federal & International Investigations and High Risk Warrants
  • Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen – First ever two division title holder in Featherweight and Lightweight Division training under Fari Salievski
  • Brett Johnstone – Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion
  • Brian Pearson – Over 90 Professional fights
  • Grand Master Toddy (Over 50 years teaching experience and has trained over 40 world champions over 5 decades)
  • Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez: 63 Wins, 57 KO’s 0 Losses
  • Hock Hochheim – Hock’s Close Quarter Concepts. Former Military, Police Investigator, detective and Private Investigator over 3 Decades.
  • Dave Kovar – Instructor of instructors
  • Paul Cale – Kinetic Fighting, Australian Army for 30 years
  • Peter Sciarra – Integrated Combat Systems
  • Kim Gray
  • Jean Jacques Machado
  • Eddie Bravo
  • GM Wilson Pereira Mattos 9th (red belt)
  • Matthew Tesla
  • Oriol Gaset
  • Pedro Sauer
  • Bernardo “Trekko” Magalhaes
  • Rener Gracie
  • Minol Tutida
  • Rigan Machado
  • John Will
  • Brett Johnston – Muay Thai Kickboxing WORLD Champion


Master Fari Salievski - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Combatives & Muay Thai Kickboxing mentor

Master Fari is UMF’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Combatives and Muay Thai Kickboxing mentor.

Master Fari is the No. 1 rated coach in Asia 2017.  Fari’s internationally acclaimed Top Team is made up of World Champions.  Our amazing network includes:

  • – Dual Weight Division World Champion, Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen
  • – 3-time Australian Champion, Theo Christakos
  • – American wrestler, multiple UFC fighter and MMA Champion, Brian Junior Ebersole
  • Fari, One of Asia’s Top 5 Coaches In Martial Arts





Ultimately, at UMF Academy, it’s all about YOU! Rest assured, we are dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS by sharing our success formula with YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

United Martial Arts and Fitness, UMF Academy, was established in 2005 by Pablo Cardenas.  UMF Academy hosts martial arts and combat experts from across the globe, and regularly offers special events for students and the general community of Townsville. Our expert instructors have decades of knowledge develop your skills.