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Pablo is a member of FIMA the Gold standard for Israeli martial arts

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We are a part of ISF Krav Maga Australasia. Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga Affiliated Centre.

Street Edge Krav Maga is Real World Self Protection Training; it’s not a Combat Sport.  It’s Australia’s #1 Defensive Tactics program, designed by Paul Johnstone.

Krav Maga provides defensive tactics for all, with a practical and no nonsense approach to self-defence.  Krav Maga provides a mental edge with knowledge as your best weapon and preparation as your best defence.  The program will help build your confidence so you feel safer and more skilled in both your awareness and self-protection techniques.  Street Edge Krav Maga embodies the belief that to defend yourself you must be both physically and mentally strong. Through correct and effective preparation you’ll learn to deal with the unexpected events that arise in real situations.

The Street Edge Krav Maga system isn’t about teaching you how to fight.  It’s about teaching practical techniques to give you the best chance of survival in many situations. From real-world experiences, this training goes beyond just the theory of self-defence. This gives it the superior street edge needed in our community today.  The program teaches you to become proficient at hand-to-hand combat in the shortest time possible. It utilises up-to-date self-defence innovations straight from the source.

These are not your run-of-the-mill martial arts classes: they offer a mixture of practical and effective skills for self-preservation in real-life situations.  You will learn not only the physical skills, but the correct mental attitude that ingrains the appropriate reflexive actions should the situation ever call for it.

The Street Edge Krav Maga program trains in the following scenarios:

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Krav Maga training is a vital part of all Israeli security forces and has been integrated into many other special forces around the world.


Pablo Cardenas


Pablo is the owner and principal instructor of UMF Academy.  He has trained in martial arts since he was 14. In 1984, Pablo enlisted in the Australian Army.  In his 21 years of service he participated in an exchange program with the UK Ministry of Defence. He was also deployed to East Timor as part of the UN peacekeeping task-force.  Pablo has trained with military units around the world, including the US Army, US Marine Corps and the Gurkhas.  He remains active in the Australian Army as a reservist and is at UMF Academy instructing full-time.

Pablo has gained numerous qualifications to provide a richer student experience in Martial Arts.  These are not limited to technical and training courses, and include community service.


Paul Johnstone


Paul is the designer of the Street Edge Krav Maga training. He is the official Australian representative and only instructor to personally train and be qualified under Nir Maman. Paul has unrivaled experience, making Street Edge Krav Maga Australia’s #1 Defensive Tactics program

He has dedicated the past 30 years to the martial arts and defensive tactics. He has trained with several distinguished martial arts masters and defensive tactics subject matter experts.

Paul has qualifications in:

Paul is a former Firearm, Defensive Tactics and Officer Survival Instructor (Operational Safety Trainer) for the Australian Federal Police,  New South Wales Police Service and he is a certified Officer in Charge/Range Safety Officer for the Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He has also received black belts in Karate and has accreditation as an instructor in:

Street Edge Krav Maga is profoundly well designed and developed in the needs for real world self-defence and draws on the success of its founder for depth of understanding and effectiveness.  It is number one for that reason.

Come and train in the number one self-defence program at UMF Academy.

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