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BeSafe Program

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A powerful new program that’s sweeping the corporate world. This program is named BeSafe.

Why Provide Self-Defence for Your Employees?

Violence within the workplace is on the rise! Increased tension and stress directly contribute to a growing number of verbal and physical attacks per annum . Interpersonal conflict greatly reduces productivity and peace of mind in most organisations. The BeSafe program provides skills to detect a drag before it becomes dangerous, and effectively resolve the conflict during a safe and effective manner. Liability issues (such as negligence law suits) are within the forefront of the many corporations. BeSafe participants are much less likely to urge into a significant situation, and if necessary, are more likely to affect the threat in an efficient and appropriate manner.

More Than Just A Self-Defence Course:

The BeSafe program was created to supply effective self-defence for the growing needs of the company environment. BeSafe program works on an equivalent principles that effective businesses use a day . the whole program is based on finding the acceptable action in any given situation. What works for giant business also works for individuals!

Look At These Potential Benefits:

BeSafe students learn to spot a possible conflict or problems before it reaches a critical stage. Problems are easier to counter or diffuse the sooner they’re identified.

The BeSafe action mode is assertiveness. Students find out how to not get caught during a knee-jerk reflex fight or flight response when confronted by a threatening situation. Through assertive behaviour effective resolution to the matter is set and acted upon. This works in situations starting from personal conflicts, meeting deadlines, to creating difficult decisions and more.

Verbal attacks are quite common and intimidating for many people. BeSafe students are less likely to succumb to or perpetrate verbally abusive behaviour.

Through the “Assertive Communication” model, students learn to problem solve and work cooperatively to seek out creative resolution to the myriad of challenges that arise daily within the corporate arena.

By overcoming the fear of assault and taking action, people feel better about themselves. This carries over into the workplace and even into home life!

Using realistic scenarios, the highly trained instructors recreate threatening situations involving violent assailants. Participants use their voice, visual communication , and eye contact to assertively dissuade the assailants

Using realistic scenarios, the highly trained instructors recreate threatening situations involving violent assailants. Participants use their voice, body language, and eye contact to assertively dissuade the assailants.

Why Choose BeSafe?

In today’s world, you will never know when you will need self-defence skills to protect yourself or even your child.

In the BeSafe program, students learn to deal with the adrenal stress survival response, this is the most effective self-defence training available. Without training this response causes most people to freeze or flail. With this training students transform adrenaline and fear into incredible power!

The program uses role-play and scenarios that teach students to recognise potential problems before they arise and then to establish clear and assertive verbal boundaries to thwart the attack. According to experts, these skills alone can stop over 95% of situations before they become physically violent. The BeSafe program is very successful because it teaches people how NOT to play the victim role that gets many people into trouble. The BeSafe program goes far beyond mere self-defence by teaching skills that can be used everyday.

Almost everyone has daily situations where the ability to be confident, assertive, and in control is important. In fact, many students say the program dramatically changed their lives by giving them the confidence to attain important goals, become leaders at school or work, and most of all, stand up for themselves when needed. Best of all, no previous experience is necessary.

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