How Long Does It Take to Learn Wing Chun?

By Pablo Cardenas | May 18, 2022

Wing Chun is a noble martial art from Southern China that requires fast arm movements and decisive leg actions to defeat opponents. There is a significant emphasis on technique when it comes to learning Wing Chun, but with proper training under a qualified master, it is possible to learn and feel confident practicing Wing Chun. […]


How The Muay Thai Grading System Works

By Pablo Cardenas | May 17, 2022

Muay Thai is a formidable martial art. Compared to other martial arts, Muay Thai grading places a high level of importance on sparring and or fight experience. Muay Thai gradings works like other more traditional arts though its emphasises is founded on martial fitness and resilience. UMF specializes in making Muay Thai accessible to everyone […]


Wing Chun Grading System: Your Guide

By Pablo Cardenas | April 21, 2022

Wing Chun is a young martial art with a continually evolving system with prestigious roots in the famed Shaolin temple of ancient China. Wing Chun encapsulates all the traditional forms and enhances them with the modern training methodologies of today. Within Wing Chun, it’s not about the strength in your strike, but how well you […]