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Reality Based Self Defence Boot Camp at UMF

We understand that everyone has a number of questions could have crossed your mind in regards to self-defence. Some of the most common concerns or limitations that restrain most people from taking an anticipatory measure are:

To answer these questions you should have the tools and abilities to deal with any violent or aggressive situation and be able to count on yourself to take control and to survive regardless how strong the attacker.

You need to learn the tools and techniques to fight back!

Everyone is welcome to join in our classes and most of all, no experience is necessary!

UMF RBSD Bootcamp (Reality Based Self Defence Bootcamp) is a great way to assist people in many areas of health and fitness such as:

How to deal with worst case scenarios:

UMF RBSD (Reality Based Self Defence) Boot Camp teaches responsible self defence knowing Reasonable and proportionate force is important

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Our RBSD Bootcamps are based on natural moves and realistic techniques so anyone in any size or shape can win over a much stronger opponent.


Come to our Reailty Based Self Defence Bootcamps, you will:



At UMF we feel it is vitally important to not only teach you the physical side of self-defence but also for you to understand the awareness side thoroughly. Far too often you can end up in physical situations which could have been avoided if only they had the prior theoretical knowledge and awareness to get themselves out of danger before it even happens.

We also teach techniques against resistance, ensuring that you can confidently and effectively use our techniques against a real attacker and so that you can familiarise yourself with the force and resistance involved in a real-life self-defence situation and know what to do to stay safe.

If you’re interested, contact us today.

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