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FREE Self Defence Program 18+, UMF teaches self-defence for real-time physiological FIGHT response to a real-time threat for the real world.

It does not require weeks, months, or years.

UMF self-defence training (Adrenal Stress Response Training) initiates long-term retention for easy recall.

FREE Self Defence Program 18+ is a principle based self-defence system with a focus on initial gross motor skills.

UMF scientific teaching is intended to get people to control their flight, fight, and freeze responses when faced with a real or perceived threat against themselves or a loved one. React rather than Act.

FREE Self Defence Program 18+ teaches you to flip the switch to control our emotions to stop victimisation and become a harder target.

UMF FREE Self Defence 18+ is a great equalizer that allows us to survive under greater odds.

Insurance fee $20 applies

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If your Self Defence training DOES NOT address Adrenal Stress Response Training, then Why do it?

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